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GPS Guided Recreation / Geocaching
Geocaching is a fun, new adventure game that combines nature exploration and high technology. Most simply defined, geocaching is a GPS navigated treasure hunt! Geocaching is rapidly growing in popularity as people of all ages get exposed to GPS devices and discover the entertainment and adventure they provide. “Cache in” on this cool new activity.

There are two fun ways to enjoy geocaching around Yosemite. For those interested in staying "close to home", we've created the Evergreen Geocaching Course. Those looking to enhance their exploration of the Park can take advantage of Yosemite Area Geocaching.

Evergreen Geocaching Course
Explore the Evergreen's 22 acre property by tackling our very own geocaching course. It's a great way to spend an hour after a day in Yosemite.

We have hidden a number of unique caches throughout our 22 acre property. Each cache (hidden container) has a cool, little prize as well as nature, history and other interesting information inside.

We will assist you with a short tutorial so you understand the basics of using a GPS. You then use the GPS as your guide to find each cache and investigate its contents. The course takes 45-90 minutes to complete and is a great way for kids, families or couples to have fun, learn how to use a GPS device and get to know the history and nature of the property.

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Yosemite Area Geocaching
Grab a GPS device and become your own guide on a geocaching adventure to different parts of the Yosemite area. Geocaching allows you to find specific destinations or follow pre-determined courses created by other ‘Geocachers’ to both familiar and secret spots in the area. Caches often include clues, hints and educational information to make your experience more fun and rewarding.

We can assist you with a short tutorial so you understand the basics of using a GPS and are ready to begin your virtual treasure hunt and discovery of Yosemite. You choose which area caches you will pursue, which can include visits to waterfalls, swimming holes, vistas and other unique locales.

Note: always carry a map with you as a GPS does not replace the need for this item.

If you would like more information about geocaching, please call our Recreation Department at (209)­ 379-2606 x140, email us, or send a Recreation Request.

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