Meet Chef Joseph Cabrera

The heart and soul of the Evergreen kitchen

2021 Travelers' Choice Tripadvisor

Chef Cabrera has a sweet spot for transforming well-known dishes into something totally unique and full of unexpected flavor.

A Los Angeles native, Cabrera is a human reflection of the spirit of Evergreen. Not initially tuned in to the culinary world, he worked odd and end jobs until eventually landing on the production line.

In 2017, Cabrera traded the bright lights and bustling city for clean mountain air in the quiet, remote setting of our sister property, Rush Creek Lodge. He fell in love with his new backdrop and even picked up a new hobby-  climbing! After five years of hard work and dedication, Cabrera is proud to be the leader he always wanted to see in the kitchen.

Because we had to ask, Cabrera said his favorite item on the menu is the Caccio e Peppe and the Crispy Pork Belly. 

Chef Cabrera can't wait to host you in our historic restaurant and tavern immersed in the evergreens!

Chef Joey Cabrera (Corey M. 4.20.23) 1200
Tuna Tartar (Corey M. 7.31.23)
Dinner Appetizer and Salad Spread (Corey M. 7.31.23)