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The best weekend of my husband and my lives was when we got married at the Evergreen Lodge in 2012. We are at the age where we go to 6-8 weddings a year, so we wanted ours to be unique and one to remember. To this day, we still have family and friends talking about our wedding. The weekend was incredible. Our friends say it felt like summer camp. Our parents’ friends never seemed so happy and relaxed. Everyone who works at the lodge was super nice, friendly, and laid back, and any request I had for the weekend was without question fulfilled. The Evergreen Lodge will forever be part of our family.

- Sarah H.

We stayed at the lodge to celebrate my son’s graduation. My daughter, who is more at home at the mall than in the woods was with us. I remember her terrified look as she walked at dusk and saw something scurry past her – then her surprise as it was only a squirrel. “But a BIG squirrel” she said.

- James C.

It’s hard to beat an experience like Yosemite Valley, and when my future wife and I were scouting wedding locations, that’s where we focused our search. On a whim, having had no luck, we booked a viewing with Tara at the unknown Evergreen Lodge. We will always remain grateful we did. We had our perfect wedding in April, 2013 at the John Muir House. From the setting, to the food, to the friendliness of the staff, we are convinced we made the right choice.

- Joe G.

My then-fiancé and I were lucky enough to find Evergreen Lodge when we were up scouting venues for our destination wedding. Tara, Joe and the rest of the team treated us like family from the moment we walked on site, and we knew we were at the right place. We were able to have our intimate wedding hosted at the John Muir House, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. My husband’s family flew out from England, and mine from around the states; we added a few friends, and had the most magical day of our lives so far. Looking forward to many more visits at this place that’s so near and dear to our hearts!

- Jenny G.

In April 2011, I found myself single, in between jobs, and in desperate need of some R & R. I had heard glowing reviews of Evergreen Lodge from friends, and I decided to stay there for a week. My days were filled with hikes around Yosemite, and my evenings were spent enjoying the warm, inviting amenities of the Lodge. Dining at the Lodge every night was a welcome treat after a long day of hiking. And reading by the fire each night was blissful. I can’t wait for my next trip back out there!

- Barry G., San Francisco, California

I’m originally from Brazil. I have been living in California for the past 5 years, but most of my family still lives in my home country. When I got married, my father, his wife and my sister came to stay 15 days at my house. Once they got here, they told me that one thing that they HAD to do in California was to visit the Yosemite Park.

Being the good daughter (and sister) that I am, I looked up on the internet for good hotels and I found the Evergreen Lodge, which had great reviews, not to mention the amazing location. So I got the reservations, packed my things and went.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped at many of the sightseeing spots. It was beautiful! Until this day, we all have framed pictures that we took at Yosemite displayed at each of our houses.

It was an amazing trip and everything went perfect. Just to give some examples: on our way over there, my sister mentioned that all she wanted to see on the trip was a deer. 15 minutes later, what crosses our path? A deer! We were all very excited. Still in the car, it was pretty cold, and I mentioned that all I needed was a good cup of hot chocolate. And what is waiting for me in the hotel lobby? A delicious hot chocolate. After we got set up in the charming cabin, my father was feeling very hungry and he was wondering where he could get food. Turns out that the hotel has a restaurant on-site. And guess what? The food is divine! We started joking that someone should wish to win the lottery, because all of our wishes were coming true.

We still talk about this trip and make plans to come back next time they visit me.

- Roberta P.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our memories.  We stayed for 2 nights, on the 13th and 14th of August 2009. We would have stayed for longer, had there been availability. Yosemite was unforgettable and the stay at Evergreen lodge was definitely a highlight of our trip to California. The lodge was beautiful, airy and my little daughter Trisha, who was 6 then, loved it. After a good breakfast on the morning of the 14th, I remember lying on the hammock near our cabin, gazing up at the tall trees, chatting with Trisha and thinking that this is what might have inspired Louis Armstrong to pen the words for ‘What a wonderful world’.

The friendly staff, the simply casual atmosphere and the attitude of the people at Evergreen to help, made our trip fantastic. They told us about little trails that we could explore in the grounds and that is what our daughter enjoyed most!  We bid goodbye with a heavy heart on the 15th, but made a promise to return. One day we will … now that we have little boy as well!!

- Sid M.

Evergreen lodge was the setting for The Martin Family Gathering 2009.  Joan Martin, my mother in law, was the mother of 11 children, grandmother to 23 and great grandmother to five. One of her most favorite places in the world was Yosemite.  She spent many of her days throughout her life walking the trails, taking in the sights and sounds of Yosemite.  So, when my sister in law and I decided to gather the family together for a weekend, Evergreen Lodge was the place.  We enjoyed meals in the restaurant…an evening huddled together around a campfire toasting marshmallows and singing, walks on the property, sharing precious time with our granny in her treasured Yosemite.  We all look back on this weekend with fond memories and the special time we shared at Evergreen.  Thanks Evergreen lodge for setting the perfect scene.

- Nancy M., Millbrae, California

The Evergreen Lodge is one of those places where you get more than you ever imagined!  My sister and I spent a weekend there in the Spring to hike to Wapama & Rancheria Falls.  The hike was amazing but the time we spent at the lodge was wonderful in its own rite. We never expected to find a place tucked away so privately AND have such a great restaurant with delicious food. We thought we were stuck with one dining option only to find out we couldn’t ask for anything better! We thought after dinner we would head back to our cabin…which by the way, was perfect, roomy, clean and comfortable WITH a Keurig coffee machine…Imagine our excitement…such an unexpected bonus!! But, we just couldn’t stay away from the inviting common area to relax and enjoy the environment. The Evergreen Lodge thought of everything to make our sister weekend a memory we still talk about today!  THANK YOU!

- Georgie P.

The Evergreen Lodge is one of those places where you get more than you ever imagined! My sister and I spent a weekend there in the Spring to hike to Wapama & Rancheria Falls. The hike was amazing but the time we spent at the lodge was wonderful in its own rite. We never expected to find a place tucked away so privately AND have such a great restaurant with delicious food. We thought we were stuck with one dining option only to find out we couldn’t ask for anything better! We thought after dinner we would head back to our cabin…which by the way, was perfect, roomy, clean and comfortable WITH a Keurig coffee machine…Imagine our excitement…such an unexpected bonus!! But, we just couldn’t stay away from the inviting common area to relax and enjoy the environment. The Evergreen Lodge thought of everything to make our sister weekend a memory we still talk about today! THANK YOU!

- Georgie P.

We stayed at Evergreen Lodge for 4 nights in May 2010, our first time, and it won’t be our last. Our cabin was fantastic and we spent lots of time on our little deck, enjoying all the nature around us. On our second day, we noticed lots of bits of debris in one corner of the deck and then we noticed a stellar jay repeatedly flying to our deck area. Before long we saw that the jay was building a nest on our deck fence, was not a bit worried about us and the attention we paid him, and by the end of our stay, was settled in. Cool experience.

- George & Victoria J., Auburn, California

I had booked the Evergreen lodge for our Girl Scout troop, 11 girls and 11 Mom’s.  Then the Rim Fire began and spread and spread, but Evergreen Lodge was still open.  We were so relieved because it is not easy to get reservations for 22.

The week before we were scheduled to go to the Lodge and Yosemite, the government shut down and of course, so did Yosemite.  We had 11- eleven year olds as well as 11 Mom’s heartbroken because we couldn’t go to Yosemite.

But the Evergreen Lodge and their fabulous staff saved the weekend.  With a phone call, they reassured me that even though we couldn’t get inside Yosemite and there were no nearby hikes (because the Rim Fire had burned up to the door of the lodge), they would be sure that we had plenty to do at the Lodge.

And they followed through.

They arranged activities for all 22 of us, including an informative nature walk around the property and fun activities such a tie-dying and nature bingo that kept all of the girls busy.  We swam in their beautiful pool, played on the zip-line and the girls enjoyed playing around the property in a safe environment.

We will return to the Evergreen Lodge as a troop and with our families!

- Chris G.

We had a lovely stay at Yosemite in 2011, staying at the historic Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park as well as at The Evergreen Lodge, while celebrating our 35th year Wedding Anniversary. After staying at the Ahwahnee we didn’t think it would be as pleasant, but this lodge really left an impression on us. We renewed our vows in the meadow in between El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls…it was a lovely trip. We were quite surprised that The Evergreen Lodge was so wonderful. Our modest, yet tasteful and quiet Deluxe Cabin with a sitting area and private deck facing the quiet woods was peaceful. The food at the Main Lodge was very good; lovely breakfast and dinner selections. We loved taking the small hike to eat at the Main Lodge from our cabin.

- The Crosby's, Denver, Colorado

We have visited the Evergreen Lodge two times because we have visited Yosemite two times and this beautiful lodge is our go-to spot for family fun and relaxation in the Sierras.

A trip to the Evergreen Lodge means hikes to nearby Hetch-Hetchy, getting misty at Bridal Veil Falls, and returning to a beautifully-appointed cabin with hotel luxuries. Dinner at the restaurant is delicious, followed by an evening of s’mores, shuffleboard, bocce ball, board games, and maybe even a movie. It is a perfect family spot!

As our children grow and can handle longer hikes and bike rides, we look forward to returning to the Evergreen for more memories!

- Lisa K.

My family of four have stayed there several times, and I always loved it!  Fond memories of meeting and enjoying conversing with new people at the outdoor fireplace at night, lovely breakfasts and dinner outside on the deck, and fun BBQ event. Really like the cabins much better than staying at a hotel.

- Cristi M.

Hi, I wanted to tell you about the most wonderful memories we have of Evergreen Lodge.

My husband grew up in the 1970s going to Camp Mather across the street, and Evergreen Lodge was where the men would go have a drink at the bar. As an adult, he and his friends always stayed at Evergreen when visiting Yosemite or before hiking Half Dome. When my husband and I started dating, it was the first place he took me to for a weekend getaway (in the tiny old cabins). We stayed at Evergreen for a wonderfully peaceful weekend before the birth of our first child. Evergreen has always been the scene of happy times with the ones we love the most; our own personal oasis.

Which made it a natural choice for my husband’s 40th birthday a few years ago. I wanted to have a party for him at a location with deep personal meaning, a beautiful natural setting, and room for our circle of friends and family. Evergreen Lodge was a perfect fit. We stayed the weekend and have so many great memories! All the children ran around and played together, and played with aunts and uncles and grandparents in your wonderful game room and on the hiking trails. We had a great dinner in your restaurant for our entire party where my father-in-law made everyone cry with a speech about my husband, with lots of drinks and laughter in the bar afterwards when grandparents took the kids to bed. We were able to introduce our friends and family to a place that is so very special to us, and everyone fell in love with it. It was the kind of excited feeling like when you take someone to a secret beach you found, one that you know they will love.

That’s my story 🙂

- Sara H., Walnut Creek, California

I took my son on a trip to celebrate his graduation from high school and part of our trip included two nights at the Evergreen Lodge. The cabins were well-appointed and very comfortable, but there were two things that left a big impression on us. First, the food was absolutely incredible; five star cooking in the woods – WOW. Second, at the end of the day, guests would come down to the common areas and sit, talk, have a cocktail and tell stories of the day. It was like being at a big family reunion. It was a special experience that my son and I will always remember – Thanks Evergreen Lodge.

- Joe D.

Simple story!!! The best and most fun times we ever had as a family was at The Evergreen Lodge. Lifetime Memories!!!!!

- Mike M., Palm Springs, California

Our stay in the summer of 2012 at Evergreen Lodge was awesome! We didn’t know what to expect. We planned to stay three nights, but were a little hesitant to rent tents for all three nights. So…we stayed in the tents two nights and moved for a cabin the last night. The tents were great! Clean…comfortable…nice tents and all the equipment we needed. The cabin was wonderfully comfortable, but we’d trade our night stay there for another in the tents. As avid campers, the tents were just perfect. We’re happy to hear that last summer’s fires did not damage the property. We enjoyed the pool and the short drive to Yosemite National Park. It was nice to have modern amenities in a rustic, wilderness setting. Possibly the best part of the whole stay were the massages we received in a wonderful, small cabin in the woods surrounded by the sounds of nature. We’d stay at Evergreen again, and we’ll refer our friends there.

- Len and Sue U., Dubuque, Iowa

My wife and I were nervous about our trip to Yosemite and our stay at the lodge back in June 2011. She has Celiac disease and is on a strict gluten-free diet. Our restaurant options were going to be non-existent. After checking in, we went to dinner and found that not only did the kitchen understand the requirements, but they were willing to make up special gluten-free vegetarian entrees – and our dinners (both with gluten and gluten-free) were outstanding. The quiet, friendly, relaxing time we spent at the lodge after our active days at Yosemite made our California vacation the best ever.

- Fred H. and Jo Ann F.

I was so enchanted by my stay last summer at the Evergreen Lodge. I took a trip alone to clear my head of all the City’s hustle and bustle. My cabin was so peaceful and the staff were very courteous. I even ran into an old friend and we spent the afternoon catching up. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you create for so many people and I look forward to seeing you again this summer!

- Maureen K., San Francisco, California

My husband and I spent our 5th wedding Anniversary at evergreen. Yosemite was beautiful, that goes without saying, but Evergreen is what made our trip so amazing. They offered games, hikes, entertainment, and gave us memories that we’ll have forever. Getting to toast s’mores in a setting like that was amazing. Now we have a 3 year old daughter and I can’t wait to make new memories here.

- Rhiannon G.

Our visit to Evergreen was only one night but it was GREAT family time – playing ping pong, exploring the grounds, just a great place to be!

- Adam H.

Truly Heaven – I live in nearby Sonora and had the opportunity to spend three wonderful days/nights at the Evergreen Lodge in November 2012. My spacious cabin had an extremely comfortable queen size bed, lovely furnishings, a Keurig coffee/hot beverage brewer, a mini refrigerator, and a SIRIUS satellite radio with an Ipod docking station, which more than compensated for the lack of a television. I was particularly delighted with the number of windows in the cabin, which included a sliding glass door that led to the private deck. Oh, and did I mention the view – nothing but trees…and amazing sunsets.

Although the cabins, when viewing from outside, appear to be somewhat close together, they are surprisingly private from within or from the deck. I ate most of my meals in the tavern – every meal was more delicious than the next and the wait staff and bartenders were excellent – friendly, charming, and helpful. I wasn’t surprised in the least to see that the tavern was frequented each evening by people who live in the area – it’s a happening place! There was live entertainment two of three nights, which added to the frivolity and merriment.

Evergreen’s grounds are spectacular and its buildings, including the cabins, General Store, Tuolumne Hall, with its recreation center, and the Main Lodge, which houses the tavern and restaurant and dates back to 1921, blend in beautifully with the environment. And you won’t believe the size of the heated swimming pool and its beautiful surroundings… There are plenty of nature and walking trails, a playground, horseshoe and Bocce ball pits, ping pong tables, and bicycles for rent to keep you busy – oh yes, and of course, Yosemite National Park, Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, and Groveland’s Rainbow Pools are just down the road!

I’m fortunate to live close enough to be able to go to Yosemite whenever I want to, but I’ve already told my husband that the next time we go, it will be for the weekend and we will absolutely have to the spend the night at the Evergreen Lodge. Over the years, I’ve stayed inside the park but nothing, even the Ahwahnee Hotel, provides the type of outdoor adventure that the EL does, especially for families.

Perhaps what impressed me the most was the quality of the staff, who undoubtedly were as happy to be there as I was. Everyone I encountered, including front desk staff, General Store clerks, wait staff, bartenders, and housekeepers, were all professional and obviously took great pride in the work that they performed. I should also mention that the nightly campfires with s’mores (provided by staff) was too much fun – again, would be perfect for families – and the complimentary telephone service and use of computers was extremely convenient for those wishing/needing to keep in touch with those back home. Oh yes, and the chicken salad that is available in the General Store is better than anything I could make myself! Lodging, meals, beverages, activities, surroundings, staff – all perfect in every way!

- Christine M. Sonora, California

We planned a short family vacation to Yosemite in summer 2013, and realizing the extremely high cost of staying inside the park we looked for accommodation options close by. We booked Evergreen lodge without knowing much about it and were pleasantly surprised when we arrived.  We easily could have stayed another 3 days and just spent time at Evergreen.

It is perfectly setup for families with young kids…..  Custom playgrounds with zip line, indoor play areas, s’mores activities in the evening and so on.  It really was a wonderful place and we only wished we had booked a few more days there.

We will definitely go back to Evergreen and we recommend it to our friends…

- Matt B., San Rafael, California

Kurt and I researched for months for the perfect place to stay and accommodate our guests for our June 27th, 2011 wedding reception. After looking over Evergreen’s pictures on their website, I knew it would be a perfect location! Even though we had a small group, Evergreen’s wedding coordinator, Jessica, went above and beyond to hold our reception in the main courtyard on a day when they usually don’t do receptions. All of the staff were so gracious, the cabins were cozy and perfect, and the atmosphere was very serene. We plan on returning to Evergreen for our 10th anniversary, which will coincide with the lodge’s 100th anniversary. Can’t wait!

- Vicki K.

Evergreen lodge is an oasis in the wilderness just outside the main gate for Yosemite. We shared a cabin with friends, hiked, visited Hetch Hetchy, biked, made s’mores, played Ping-Pong, ate five star food and shared wine with visitors from Hong Kong and England while watching the sunset on the deck. We are in awe of Yosemite and of the Evergreen Lodge. Thank you for the memories.

- Jim & Bridg

We spent our 31st wedding anniversary at Evergreen Lodge in July of 2011. It was, in a word, magical. The previous 6 months had been filled with transition and stress for our family, and we had just returned from a hectic trip to the east coast for a wedding. We were in desperate need of some much-needed down time.

Our daughter and son-in-law were camping in Yosemite, and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with them, but we are not big on camping. Evergreen Lodge was exactly what we were looking for. Quaint and cozy, and with all the comforts of a high-end hotel (but at reasonable rates). And we were close enough to the campgrounds to meet up with them for an afternoon hike and a campfire dinner before returning to the lodge for the night.

The lodge’s evening movies and gatherings were such fun, and we got some great hiking suggestions from the friendly, knowledgeable staff (even picking up a yummy pre-made picnic lunch at the lodge shop to take along!)

We listened to old-time radio shows before bed on satellite radio – who needs TV?? – while sipping hot chocolate from our Keurig. It felt like we had taken a step back in time, when things were slowed down and relaxed and much…simpler. We could feel stress slipping away, and started to enjoy just hanging out together again.

We especially loved the saloon and restaurant at Evergreen. Fantastic food, great service, and in the most romantic atmosphere…absolute perfection.

We long to return to Evergreen. Who knows? Maybe this year for our 34th!

- Cami H., Santa Barbara, California

During the summer of 2007 my parents (in their late 70s at the time) and my siblings and their families and my finance and I, decided to go to Yosemite for a family vacation.  Although we had all grown up in Chico, California, we had NEVER been to Yosemite.  We rented four cottages/cabins and had such a wonderful time.  Gathering in the cabins to reminisce, playing ping pong with “grandpa”, sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows, swinging, relaxing and sleeping in the spacious hammocks, hiking, eating delicious food, sleeping in the “wild”…All of these activities added to our family closeness.  There were multiple grandchildren and great-grandchildren having fun and we all took a tour through the mountains. Most of us even hiked “The Falls”.  The views of the falls were so breathtaking we could not believe we had lived so close to this majestic atmosphere for so long and had not ever visited it!  Evergreen Lodge was such a great choice for our family.  It met all of our needs (even my “now husband” driving his ’79 CJ 7 JEEP). We all enjoyed taking rides in the jeep because we had such a glorious, open view while we traveled the surroundings.  When we go back to Yosemite, Evergreen Lodge will be our choice.  Although my dad will not be able to return due to his Alzheimer’s, I will never forget the last time that we got to play ping pong with him…at the Evergreen Lodge.

- Debbie J.

Our family vacationed at Evergreen Lodge in August 2007 during one of the hottest weeks of the year.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, but one of my favorite experiences was taking the excursion up to Glacier Point followed by the 4 mile hike down into Yosemite Valley.  My then 14 year old elder son fell in love with Yosemite on that hike, and talks often about going back.  My youngest son (8 at the time) enjoyed tearing down the trail with 3 other boys on the hike with us.

The absolute best part was arriving at the bottom and swimming in the Merced River, with the walls of Yosemite’s monoliths towering over us.  In fact my favorite picture of the trip is of the 4 young boys walking down the middle of the river, shirts off and not a care in the world—what a wonderful Huck Finn moment!

The day was capped off with dinner at the restaurant, s’mores by the campfire and my son Cameron placing 3rd in the ping pong tournament.  Cameron and the first 2 winners were sent into the general store to pick out a prize.  Our family laughed when the first 2 boys came back down the ramp holding bottles of Gatorade, while Cameron came out with a giant Hershey bar and an even bigger smile!

Although it’s a long trip we definitely hope to be back!

- The Kerr Family, Charlotte, North Carolina

Thanks for the opportunity to share the dream experience at Evergreen Lodge, I was there a few years back celebrating my birthday with another girlfriend. I loved the custom camping as all the amenities were provided down to the sleeping bag and toiletries. The tent was nice and clean and the surrounding area was perfect, I usually expect a lot of dirt at campsites, but the property had wood chips instead so you didn’t get filthy just walking around.

The recreation center was ideal. There were so many activities available that the kids on site were out-of sight, dreamy for us single ladies. The bar was so fun, after a long day of hiking, there was nothing better than a few cocktails, some good food, a live band and a whole lot of fun people, including the staff.

The property has everything you need; a store, recreation center, Internet cafe, library, game room, s’mores, movies, restaurant, bar, and shower facilities. All of this was just about a half hour from the valley. The price was right and we would love to come again.


- Sylvia R.

Last April was my husband’s and my first trip to Evergreen Lodge.  We went for my birthday and totally fell in love with the place!  I told him as we were leaving that the Lodge is where I’d like to spend each birthday.  This year we plan to go as well.  We appreciated the proximity to Hetch Hetchy and the Valley, the restaurant with delicious options, the great cocktails, the hammocks, the pool, the hot tub and the friendliness of the staff.  I recommended the place to a friend and she went the next weekend and loved it just as much.

- Liz L.

In 2010, my dear friends asked me to officiate their wedding. I couldn’t have been more honored to take part in such an important event in their lives.

I will admit, I’ve often complained about destination weddings because it obligates people to make travel plans they wouldn’t have otherwise made. However, I understood my friends’ plans when I drove into Evergreen Lodge and saw the undeniably beautiful surroundings. We held their ceremony in a forest clearing in the midst of the best natural environment that California has to offer.

- Ryan J.

We have stayed at the Evergreen Lodge on several occasions, and most recently in November 2013.  We were proud of our daughter, Madeline, for trying the zip line and even more pleased that she loved it.  Our other fond memory from our last visit was the family of deer outside our cabin.

- Seth W., San Ramon, California

We stayed at Evergreen Lodge last summer for a wedding. The ceremony was at a beautiful meadow, a short walk from the Lodge. On our last night, by coincidence there was a meteor shower. A bunch of us walked back to the meadow where the wedding had been, and laid on blankets. We stared up at the starry sky, and told jokes in between meteors. It was a beautiful and funny couple of hours.

- Jeff L.

Our family trip to Yosemite was amazing! The Evergreen had everything we needed to relax, enjoy and get off the grid for a long weekend. The pool was a big hit with our daughter, the restaurant had offerings for the whole family, the s’mores were fun for all of us and the location is so peaceful and calm. Thanks for making our family vacation special.

- Bronagh M.

My girlfriend and I were referred to Evergreen from our very good friends. We came out in March 2012 to celebrate an anniversary weekend. Although snow was forecast all weekend, we got two beautiful clear days and fell in love with Yosemite, Hetch-Hetchy and the Evergreen Lodge. It snowed so much early Sunday morning that the staff even helped us apply snow chains before we could leave.  We got engaged a month later, visited again in the summertime, and to make a long story short, we’re getting married at the Evergreen this June, and couldn’t be more excited!  This photo is from our very first visit to Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall that March of 2012.


- Adam R.

In July 2013, my extended family of two seniors, four adults and three kids under ten years old enjoyed a wonderful stay with Evergreen Lodge.  It was our first visit, and everyone loved the staff and facilities: the cabins, the pool, the restaurant, the on-grounds nature trail, and all the little things for kids to do ranging from the outdoor equipment to ping pong and the indoor game room.  The highlight of my stay, though, was the exemplary service provided by Mike, the fly fishing guide the Lodge provided for us.  I booked a high country fly fishing hike, but on the day we were set to leave, my 9-year old son suffered altitude sickness. Mike helped out and rescheduled without complaint. The next day, when my son felt better, Mike led us on an unforgettable 6-hour journey hike, and my son and I caught (and released) rainbow, brown and brook trout surrounded by beautiful high country scenery. Here’s a picture of my son with Mike, after landing a wild brown trout from a plunge pool.

- Jim G.

My husband and I visited Evergreen Lodge for Valentine’s Day several years ago. That first trip was simply magical. When we arrived, everything was perfect. The sweetheart package is totally worth it. The cabin: beautiful. The staff: excellent. The food: amazing. The environment: serene. When we woke up after our first sleep, we were greeted with several inches of freshly fallen snow – untouched, silent, gorgeous. All of these reasons are why we’ve made it a tradition to return to Evergreen Lodge each Valentine’s Day (and other times, too.) This is the best place to stay near Yosemite.

- Sarah G.

May 12, 2012, an incredible day made even more memorable by a fantastic setting. Our daughter was married at Evergreen Lodge and it could not have been more perfect. Imagine bright blue skies, 70 degree temperature, mountain vistas and friends and family all coming together in this beautiful place. Evergreen Lodge hosted our Friday night BBQ, a gorgeous Saturday afternoon ceremony under towering trees and an outdoor reception our friends are still talking about. Tara and Joe went above and beyond our expectations with their attention to every detail and unmeasurable service. I remember waking up Sunday morning knowing that we had given our daughter the best day of her life.

- Gail V.