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Centennial Celebration Weekend

Norma F. and family having Centennial funGlass Blowing at the LodgeThanks to everyone who joined us for our Centennial Celebration Weekend in May.

It was a glorious weekend filled with delicious BBQ’s and snazzy Old Time Jazz Band music live in the Main Plaza.

We had some traditional fun like Scavenger Hunts, Speakeasy secrets, and Historic Property Tours, and we spiced it up with some more modern wonders such as hands-on glassblowing with local artist, Maggie Bean.

Don’t fret if you missed out on the official weekend.  We’re continuing to celebrate with these activities all year long.

You can also download our Centennial Gazette any time, anywhere for a dose of good ol’ Evergreen fun.

Plus, you can see and hear some of the weekend in this short video (be sure to turn on your sound for a real treat):