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In April 2011, I found myself single, in between jobs, and in desperate need of some R & R. I had heard glowing reviews of Evergreen Lodge from friends, and I decided to stay there for a week. My days were filled with hikes around Yosemite, and my evenings were spent enjoying the warm, inviting amenities of the Lodge. Dining at the Lodge every night was a welcome treat after a long day of hiking. And reading by the fire each night was blissful. I can’t wait for my next trip back out there!

- Barry G., San Francisco, California

I’m originally from Brazil. I have been living in California for the past 5 years, but most of my family still lives in my home country. When I got married, my father, his wife and my sister came to stay 15 days at my house. Once they got here, they told me that one thing that they HAD to do in California was to visit the Yosemite Park.

Being the good daughter (and sister) that I am, I looked up on the internet for good hotels and I found the Evergreen Lodge, which had great reviews, not to mention the amazing location. So I got the reservations, packed my things and went.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped at many of the sightseeing spots. It was beautiful! Until this day, we all have framed pictures that we took at Yosemite displayed at each of our houses.

It was an amazing trip and everything went perfect. Just to give some examples: on our way over there, my sister mentioned that all she wanted to see on the trip was a deer. 15 minutes later, what crosses our path? A deer! We were all very excited. Still in the car, it was pretty cold, and I mentioned that all I needed was a good cup of hot chocolate. And what is waiting for me in the hotel lobby? A delicious hot chocolate. After we got set up in the charming cabin, my father was feeling very hungry and he was wondering where he could get food. Turns out that the hotel has a restaurant on-site. And guess what? The food is divine! We started joking that someone should wish to win the lottery, because all of our wishes were coming true.

We still talk about this trip and make plans to come back next time they visit me.

- Roberta P.

The Evergreen Lodge is one of those places where you get more than you ever imagined!  My sister and I spent a weekend there in the Spring to hike to Wapama & Rancheria Falls.  The hike was amazing but the time we spent at the lodge was wonderful in its own rite. We never expected to find a place tucked away so privately AND have such a great restaurant with delicious food. We thought we were stuck with one dining option only to find out we couldn’t ask for anything better! We thought after dinner we would head back to our cabin…which by the way, was perfect, roomy, clean and comfortable WITH a Keurig coffee machine…Imagine our excitement…such an unexpected bonus!! But, we just couldn’t stay away from the inviting common area to relax and enjoy the environment. The Evergreen Lodge thought of everything to make our sister weekend a memory we still talk about today!  THANK YOU!

- Georgie P.

I took my son on a trip to celebrate his graduation from high school and part of our trip included two nights at the Evergreen Lodge. The cabins were well-appointed and very comfortable, but there were two things that left a big impression on us. First, the food was absolutely incredible; five star cooking in the woods – WOW. Second, at the end of the day, guests would come down to the common areas and sit, talk, have a cocktail and tell stories of the day. It was like being at a big family reunion. It was a special experience that my son and I will always remember – Thanks Evergreen Lodge.

- Joe D.

My wife and I were nervous about our trip to Yosemite and our stay at the lodge back in June 2011. She has Celiac disease and is on a strict gluten-free diet. Our restaurant options were going to be non-existent. After checking in, we went to dinner and found that not only did the kitchen understand the requirements, but they were willing to make up special gluten-free vegetarian entrees – and our dinners (both with gluten and gluten-free) were outstanding. The quiet, friendly, relaxing time we spent at the lodge after our active days at Yosemite made our California vacation the best ever.

- Fred H. and Jo Ann F.

Evergreen lodge is an oasis in the wilderness just outside the main gate for Yosemite. We shared a cabin with friends, hiked, visited Hetch Hetchy, biked, made s’mores, played Ping-Pong, ate five star food and shared wine with visitors from Hong Kong and England while watching the sunset on the deck. We are in awe of Yosemite and of the Evergreen Lodge. Thank you for the memories.

- Jim & Bridg