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In July 2013, my extended family of two seniors, four adults and three kids under ten years old enjoyed a wonderful stay with Evergreen Lodge.  It was our first visit, and everyone loved the staff and facilities: the cabins, the pool, the restaurant, the on-grounds nature trail, and all the little things for kids to do ranging from the outdoor equipment to ping pong and the indoor game room.  The highlight of my stay, though, was the exemplary service provided by Mike, the fly fishing guide the Lodge provided for us.  I booked a high country fly fishing hike, but on the day we were set to leave, my 9-year old son suffered altitude sickness. Mike helped out and rescheduled without complaint. The next day, when my son felt better, Mike led us on an unforgettable 6-hour journey hike, and my son and I caught (and released) rainbow, brown and brook trout surrounded by beautiful high country scenery. Here’s a picture of my son with Mike, after landing a wild brown trout from a plunge pool.

- Jim G.

My girlfriend and I were referred to Evergreen from our very good friends. We came out in March 2012 to celebrate an anniversary weekend. Although snow was forecast all weekend, we got two beautiful clear days and fell in love with Yosemite, Hetch-Hetchy and the Evergreen Lodge. It snowed so much early Sunday morning that the staff even helped us apply snow chains before we could leave.  We got engaged a month later, visited again in the summertime, and to make a long story short, we’re getting married at the Evergreen this June, and couldn’t be more excited!  This photo is from our very first visit to Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall that March of 2012.


- Adam R.

We had a lovely stay at Yosemite in 2011, staying at the historic Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park as well as at The Evergreen Lodge, while celebrating our 35th year Wedding Anniversary. After staying at the Ahwahnee we didn’t think it would be as pleasant, but this lodge really left an impression on us. We renewed our vows in the meadow in between El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls…it was a lovely trip. We were quite surprised that The Evergreen Lodge was so wonderful. Our modest, yet tasteful and quiet Deluxe Cabin with a sitting area and private deck facing the quiet woods was peaceful. The food at the Main Lodge was very good; lovely breakfast and dinner selections. We loved taking the small hike to eat at the Main Lodge from our cabin.

- The Crosby's, Denver, Colorado

My husband and I visited Evergreen Lodge for Valentine’s Day several years ago. That first trip was simply magical. When we arrived, everything was perfect. The sweetheart package is totally worth it. The cabin: beautiful. The staff: excellent. The food: amazing. The environment: serene. When we woke up after our first sleep, we were greeted with several inches of freshly fallen snow – untouched, silent, gorgeous. All of these reasons are why we’ve made it a tradition to return to Evergreen Lodge each Valentine’s Day (and other times, too.) This is the best place to stay near Yosemite.

- Sarah G.

May 12, 2012, an incredible day made even more memorable by a fantastic setting. Our daughter was married at Evergreen Lodge and it could not have been more perfect. Imagine bright blue skies, 70 degree temperature, mountain vistas and friends and family all coming together in this beautiful place. Evergreen Lodge hosted our Friday night BBQ, a gorgeous Saturday afternoon ceremony under towering trees and an outdoor reception our friends are still talking about. Tara and Joe went above and beyond our expectations with their attention to every detail and unmeasurable service. I remember waking up Sunday morning knowing that we had given our daughter the best day of her life.

- Gail V.

I’m originally from Brazil. I have been living in California for the past 5 years, but most of my family still lives in my home country. When I got married, my father, his wife and my sister came to stay 15 days at my house. Once they got here, they told me that one thing that they HAD to do in California was to visit the Yosemite Park.

Being the good daughter (and sister) that I am, I looked up on the internet for good hotels and I found the Evergreen Lodge, which had great reviews, not to mention the amazing location. So I got the reservations, packed my things and went.

On our way to the hotel, we stopped at many of the sightseeing spots. It was beautiful! Until this day, we all have framed pictures that we took at Yosemite displayed at each of our houses.

It was an amazing trip and everything went perfect. Just to give some examples: on our way over there, my sister mentioned that all she wanted to see on the trip was a deer. 15 minutes later, what crosses our path? A deer! We were all very excited. Still in the car, it was pretty cold, and I mentioned that all I needed was a good cup of hot chocolate. And what is waiting for me in the hotel lobby? A delicious hot chocolate. After we got set up in the charming cabin, my father was feeling very hungry and he was wondering where he could get food. Turns out that the hotel has a restaurant on-site. And guess what? The food is divine! We started joking that someone should wish to win the lottery, because all of our wishes were coming true.

We still talk about this trip and make plans to come back next time they visit me.

- Roberta P.

The Evergreen Lodge is one of those places where you get more than you ever imagined!  My sister and I spent a weekend there in the Spring to hike to Wapama & Rancheria Falls.  The hike was amazing but the time we spent at the lodge was wonderful in its own rite. We never expected to find a place tucked away so privately AND have such a great restaurant with delicious food. We thought we were stuck with one dining option only to find out we couldn’t ask for anything better! We thought after dinner we would head back to our cabin…which by the way, was perfect, roomy, clean and comfortable WITH a Keurig coffee machine…Imagine our excitement…such an unexpected bonus!! But, we just couldn’t stay away from the inviting common area to relax and enjoy the environment. The Evergreen Lodge thought of everything to make our sister weekend a memory we still talk about today!  THANK YOU!

- Georgie P.