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The Evergreen Lodge is one of those places where you get more than you ever imagined! My sister and I spent a weekend there in the Spring to hike to Wapama & Rancheria Falls. The hike was amazing but the time we spent at the lodge was wonderful in its own rite. We never expected to find a place tucked away so privately AND have such a great restaurant with delicious food. We thought we were stuck with one dining option only to find out we couldn’t ask for anything better! We thought after dinner we would head back to our cabin…which by the way, was perfect, roomy, clean and comfortable WITH a Keurig coffee machine…Imagine our excitement…such an unexpected bonus!! But, we just couldn’t stay away from the inviting common area to relax and enjoy the environment. The Evergreen Lodge thought of everything to make our sister weekend a memory we still talk about today! THANK YOU!

- Georgie P.

We stayed at Evergreen Lodge for 4 nights in May 2010, our first time, and it won’t be our last. Our cabin was fantastic and we spent lots of time on our little deck, enjoying all the nature around us. On our second day, we noticed lots of bits of debris in one corner of the deck and then we noticed a stellar jay repeatedly flying to our deck area. Before long we saw that the jay was building a nest on our deck fence, was not a bit worried about us and the attention we paid him, and by the end of our stay, was settled in. Cool experience.

- George & Victoria J., Auburn, California

We had a lovely stay at Yosemite in 2011, staying at the historic Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park as well as at The Evergreen Lodge, while celebrating our 35th year Wedding Anniversary. After staying at the Ahwahnee we didn’t think it would be as pleasant, but this lodge really left an impression on us. We renewed our vows in the meadow in between El Capitan and Bridal Veil Falls…it was a lovely trip. We were quite surprised that The Evergreen Lodge was so wonderful. Our modest, yet tasteful and quiet Deluxe Cabin with a sitting area and private deck facing the quiet woods was peaceful. The food at the Main Lodge was very good; lovely breakfast and dinner selections. We loved taking the small hike to eat at the Main Lodge from our cabin.

- The Crosby's, Denver, Colorado

Our stay in the summer of 2012 at Evergreen Lodge was awesome! We didn’t know what to expect. We planned to stay three nights, but were a little hesitant to rent tents for all three nights. So…we stayed in the tents two nights and moved for a cabin the last night. The tents were great! Clean…comfortable…nice tents and all the equipment we needed. The cabin was wonderfully comfortable, but we’d trade our night stay there for another in the tents. As avid campers, the tents were just perfect. We’re happy to hear that last summer’s fires did not damage the property. We enjoyed the pool and the short drive to Yosemite National Park. It was nice to have modern amenities in a rustic, wilderness setting. Possibly the best part of the whole stay were the massages we received in a wonderful, small cabin in the woods surrounded by the sounds of nature. We’d stay at Evergreen again, and we’ll refer our friends there.

- Len and Sue U., Dubuque, Iowa

I was so enchanted by my stay last summer at the Evergreen Lodge. I took a trip alone to clear my head of all the City’s hustle and bustle. My cabin was so peaceful and the staff were very courteous. I even ran into an old friend and we spent the afternoon catching up. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you create for so many people and I look forward to seeing you again this summer!

- Maureen K., San Francisco, California

We spent our 31st wedding anniversary at Evergreen Lodge in July of 2011. It was, in a word, magical. The previous 6 months had been filled with transition and stress for our family, and we had just returned from a hectic trip to the east coast for a wedding. We were in desperate need of some much-needed down time.

Our daughter and son-in-law were camping in Yosemite, and we wanted to celebrate our anniversary with them, but we are not big on camping. Evergreen Lodge was exactly what we were looking for. Quaint and cozy, and with all the comforts of a high-end hotel (but at reasonable rates). And we were close enough to the campgrounds to meet up with them for an afternoon hike and a campfire dinner before returning to the lodge for the night.

The lodge’s evening movies and gatherings were such fun, and we got some great hiking suggestions from the friendly, knowledgeable staff (even picking up a yummy pre-made picnic lunch at the lodge shop to take along!)

We listened to old-time radio shows before bed on satellite radio – who needs TV?? – while sipping hot chocolate from our Keurig. It felt like we had taken a step back in time, when things were slowed down and relaxed and much…simpler. We could feel stress slipping away, and started to enjoy just hanging out together again.

We especially loved the saloon and restaurant at Evergreen. Fantastic food, great service, and in the most romantic atmosphere…absolute perfection.

We long to return to Evergreen. Who knows? Maybe this year for our 34th!

- Cami H., Santa Barbara, California

Thanks for the opportunity to share the dream experience at Evergreen Lodge, I was there a few years back celebrating my birthday with another girlfriend. I loved the custom camping as all the amenities were provided down to the sleeping bag and toiletries. The tent was nice and clean and the surrounding area was perfect, I usually expect a lot of dirt at campsites, but the property had wood chips instead so you didn’t get filthy just walking around.

The recreation center was ideal. There were so many activities available that the kids on site were out-of sight, dreamy for us single ladies. The bar was so fun, after a long day of hiking, there was nothing better than a few cocktails, some good food, a live band and a whole lot of fun people, including the staff.

The property has everything you need; a store, recreation center, Internet cafe, library, game room, s’mores, movies, restaurant, bar, and shower facilities. All of this was just about a half hour from the valley. The price was right and we would love to come again.


- Sylvia R.

My husband and I visited Evergreen Lodge for Valentine’s Day several years ago. That first trip was simply magical. When we arrived, everything was perfect. The sweetheart package is totally worth it. The cabin: beautiful. The staff: excellent. The food: amazing. The environment: serene. When we woke up after our first sleep, we were greeted with several inches of freshly fallen snow – untouched, silent, gorgeous. All of these reasons are why we’ve made it a tradition to return to Evergreen Lodge each Valentine’s Day (and other times, too.) This is the best place to stay near Yosemite.

- Sarah G.

May 12, 2012, an incredible day made even more memorable by a fantastic setting. Our daughter was married at Evergreen Lodge and it could not have been more perfect. Imagine bright blue skies, 70 degree temperature, mountain vistas and friends and family all coming together in this beautiful place. Evergreen Lodge hosted our Friday night BBQ, a gorgeous Saturday afternoon ceremony under towering trees and an outdoor reception our friends are still talking about. Tara and Joe went above and beyond our expectations with their attention to every detail and unmeasurable service. I remember waking up Sunday morning knowing that we had given our daughter the best day of her life.

- Gail V.