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Our goal is to offer a Yosemite lodging experience that transcends time

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Ever since 1921, the Evergreen Lodge has been a vibrant part of the Yosemite landscape. The lodge was originally developed to facilitate building of the O’Shaughnessy Dam in Hetch Hetchy Valley. Though no definitive records exist, spoken history indicates that the Evergreen was founded by a man who worked on the Hetch Hetchy Railroad. That railroad was principally built to haul people and materials to and from the Hetch Hetchy dam construction site.

In the early years, the Evergreen was a post office, restaurant and general store. Lore has it that moonshine was brewed in the basement of the lodge during Prohibition and illegal slot machines operated in the tavern. Over the years, the lodge was run as a small, seasonal hotel serving Yosemite visitors in the summer and closing for the long winter each year.

In 2001, the Evergreen was sold to the current owners, who have since renovated the main lodge, added 75 new cabins and communal buildings and transformed the property into a full service, Yosemite destination resort.

To learn more about the Evergreen's storied history, please watch this video which was created as part of our Centennial Celebration in 2021.


Evergreen Centennial Video



A lot has changed since the Evergreen first opened in 1921. Fortunately, much has remained the same. As in the old days, the Evergreen is still a meeting spot for all walks of life to come and enjoy a classic Yosemite experience. However, these days you will be just as likely to enjoy the company of an international tourist as that of a Park Ranger, rock climber or local resident.

As owners of the Evergreen, we feel lucky to be stewards of such a special place, and we are committed to making sure the Evergreen continues to create lasting memories for another hundred years. While certain traditions have become things of the past (like bootlegging and poor shower pressure!), we are proud and excited that the Evergreen now offers an all-around lodging and guest experience that is unparalleled in the Yosemite area.

Our goal is to provide gracious and friendly service, quality products, private and communal settings, and a huge array of opportunities to educate you about the Yosemite area. You will find many ways to create your ideal experience.

Simply stated, we want you to be blown away by your experience at the Evergreen and to be sad to leave. We hope you will return and become a regular part of the Evergreen tradition and family. And if you can’t come back, we want the lodge to be a place you will always remember.

We look forward to seeing you here and we hope that the Evergreen brings you as much joy and pleasure as it does us.

Lee Zimmerman & Brian Anderluh