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Yosemite Flight Tours

Sierra Nevada Aerial Tour

The Sierra Nevada mountains are a continuous range that forms the western “backbone” of the Americas. The wilderness is spectacular and has a rich history of gold mining and exploration. 

An air tour is a perfect way to explore this remote country quickly and provides unmatched photography perspectives. Our Sierra flight is our most popular flight, commencing at Pine Mountain Lake Airport and flying over Tuolumne Canyon, Cherry Lake, and into the Emigrant wilderness. 

The Emigrant Wilderness is a glaciated landscape of great scenic beauty. The northeastern third of the wilderness is dominated by volcanic ridges and peaks; the remaining areas consist of many sparsely vegetated, granitic ridges interspersed with numerous lakes and beautiful meadows. This tour will provide you with a spectacular view of untouched wilderness, as well as views into the famous Yosemite National Park! It’s the perfect way to get a great photo off the beaten path.

Yosemite Aerial Tour

Yosemite Tour – This tour will take you east over the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne to Cherry Lake. We will then turn southeast and enter Yosemite National Park at Lake Eleanor flying over Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. The final part of the tour will provide spectacular views of Yosemite Valley before flying west returning to Pine Mountain Lake airport.