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Do you have what it takes to
Tackle our amazing list of
100 Ways to Celebrate Our 100th?

100 Ways to Celebrate Our 100th

We’ve put together a list of 100 staff and guest favorites of things old and new to do throughout the area and the seasons.

Do you have what it takes to tackle all 100?

See how many you can do, and be sure to tell us your favorites when you visit!


Evergreen Lodge Sunset Deck (Kim Carroll)Hot Tub Stargazing at the Evergreen LodgeEvergreen Therapeutic MassageEvergreen Lodge Disc Golf Kiddo (Kim Carroll)FUN AT THE LODGE

  1. Watch an amazing Sierra sunset from Evergreen’s Sunset Deck
  2. Indulge in hot tub stargazing!
  3. Walk the Nature Trail around the Evergreen (maps at Rec Desk)
  4. Treat yourself to a Signature Massage in one of our Massage Cabanas
  5. Play a classic board game in front of a roaring fire in the Rec Center
  6. Ride one (or both!) of our zip lines
  7. Beat your friends at the ancient game of Bocce
  8. Take a step back in time with our old-time jazz band (summer)
  9. Explore the Centennial Scavenger Hunt (maps at Rec Desk)
  10. Break par on our Forest Disc Golf Course
  11. Count the rings on our massive Ponderosa Pine Log Display outside the Main Plaza
  12. Build a snowman and give him a corncob pipe!
  13. Get caught in our Giant Spider Web
  14. Hit the pool for a nighttime swim
  15. Head to Coyote Hill for an outdoor family movie night (summer)
  16. Create your own Family Olympics in the Game Room
  17. Rent bikes and explore the area
  18. Take a lap (or a few!) through our new Tree Fort
  19. Fool your friends at Liars’ Dice in the Tavern
  20. Play Marco Polo and have chicken fights in the pool
  21. Throw a ringer in Horseshoes
  22. Listen to your favorite 1920’s music on the Alexa smart speaker in your cabin
  23. Find the serene, hidden granite boulder area just west of Wapama Grove
  24. Conquer our Rope Climbing Wall in Kolana Village
  25. Smell the vanilla scent of Ponderosa Pine bark (our Nature Trail Map can help you find one!)
  26. Find a giant sequoia on property – hint, ours are still young
  27. Have a forest snowball fight

Evergreen Smores Firepit (Katherine S.)Evergreen Tavern Happy Bartender (Kim Carroll)EAT, DRINK & BE MERRY

28. Roast S’mores by the outdoor fire (Fun Fact: the first official s’mores recipe was listed in a 1927 Girl Scout guide)
29. Order a specialty “Warren Waffle” in honor of waffle loving 1921 US President Warren G. Harding
30. Toast to Women’s History Month with a fun Flapper Cocktail or Mocktail (March)
31. Enjoy a picnic lunch on the Lookout Deck
32. Enjoy a box of See’s Candy from our store – also celebrating their 100th this year!
33. Say ‘cheers’ with a Speakeasy cocktail or mocktail in the Tavern
34. Eat Chicken a la King, a classic from the 1920’s!
35. Get the secret password and join one of our speakeasy nights
36. Take your Happy Hour to new heights at Hetch Hetchy’s dramatic Lookout Point
37. Try one of our tasty $19.21 daily menu specials
38. Toast the spring season with Mint Juleps
39. Pop a cork for our 18th amendment Repeal Day party! (December 5)


40. Visit our oldest friends, the Giant Sequoias in Merced and Tuolumne Groves
41. Visit the historic Hetch Hetchy displays as you walk across the O’Shaughnessy Dam
42. Treat yourself to free Yosemite Park admission on April 17th, the first day of National Park Week
43. Take a refreshing swim at Carlon Falls
44. Enjoy a fun-filled, scenic Bike & Hike to Granite Gorge
45. Time it right to see Yosemite Valley’s magnificent frazil ice
46. Spot the rainbow in the canyon below the O’Shaughnessy Dam
47. Hike to the top of a waterfall (or two or three) in Yosemite Valley
48. Thank a Park Ranger for their service
49. Treat yourself to free Yosemite Park admission – Happy Birthday National Park Service! (August 25)
50. Sing a song while walking through the Hetch Hetchy tunnel to Wapama Falls
51. Take a leap at Rainbow Pools
52. Retrace history out on our Yosemite Valley Stage Coach Road Naturalist Hike
53. Ask our Recreation Desk to help you chase the ever-changing fall colors (perhaps on our breathtakingly stunning Mono Pass Naturalist Hike!)
54. Join our Hetch Hetchy Wapama Falls Historic Naturalist Hike
55.Head to the park on Veterans Day, aka Yosemite Free Day! (November 11)


56. Join a Historic Property Tour
57. Peruse the centennial issue of the Evergreen Gazette
58. Celebrate the “Valiant women of the vote” who led the suffragette movement (March)
59. Catch a Historic Slide Show
60. Pitch in on a “Restore our Earth” project on Earth Day (April 22)
61. Join in an Arbor Day tree planting (April 30)
62. Join our Centennial Celebration Weekend (May 14/16)
63. Bring a tribute to include in our centennial time capsule
64. Toast President Lincoln for forever preserving Yosemite with the Yosemite Grant Act, signed on June 30, 1864
65. Help keep Yosemite shining bright at the annual Yosemite Facelift (September 21-26)
66. Celebrate the anniversary of Yosemite becoming our nation’s 3rd national park on October 1, 1890


67. Join us March “19-21” to formally kick off our 100th season while welcoming the first day of Spring
68. Pack up the kids and come for a fun-filled family Spring Break (March/April)
69. Head to the Main Plaza for a classic Easter Egg Hunt (April 4)
70. Go for the trifecta and show off your best Kentucky Derby Hat (May 1)
71. Book a surprise massage for Mom on Mother’s Day (May 9)
72. Celebrate Memorial Day weekend with a classic BBQ (May 28-31)
73. Take Dad fishing on Father’s Day (June 20)
74. Celebrate Independence Day at our classic summer BBQ (July 4)
75. End summer right with a fun-filled Yosemite Labor Day Weekend (September 24-27)
76. Join our Roaring 20’s Halloween costume contest (October 30-31)
77. Celebrate Thanksgiving’s 400th anniversary with endless activities and a decadent Thanksgiving feast (November 25)
78. Time it right! Be here for the first snow of the year and celebrate with snow angels, hot toddies and hot chocolate (???)
79. Pack your finest for our holiday ugly sweater contest (December 24)
80. Come for a timeless holiday celebration, filled with traditions old and new (December 20-30)
81. Don your vintage finest for a memorable Roaring 20’s New Year’s celebration (December 31)


82. Be one of our first guests in 2021 and receive a limited-edition historic Hetch Hetchy poster
83. Pose for a photo with our historic life-sized cut-outs
84. Treat yourself to a limited edition 100th anniversary $100 gift pack
85. Sign our Centennial Wall – say Happy Birthday and share your favorite Yosemite/Evergreen moments
86. Show off your limited edition 100th anniversary keepsake bag – free with your stay!
87. Share your Happy Birthday message on social media
88. Get a limited edition 100th anniversary hat or t-shirt in our general store
89. Enter our centennial photo contest for a chance to win a return stay
90. Post a card to a friend in our historic mailbox, made from railroad ties used on the Hetch Hetchy Railroad and a wood-burning stove chamber that originally warmed the tavern


91. Take five deep breaths and enjoy all the natural scents around you
92. Sip Old-Fashions at the Tavern, a guest favorite
93. Get married! Another guest favorite
94. Visit Evergreen’s sister property, Rush Creek Lodge
95. Eat an “epic” breakfast before hiking
96. Dinner while listening to live music
97. Morning walks amongst the cabins
98. Fabulous dinner after hiking
99. Meet others traveling from around the world
100. Nothing at all!