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Evergreen Centennial History and Slide Show

The Evergreen Lodge has been a vibrant part of the Yosemite landscape since 1921, when the O’Shaughnessy Dam was being constructed in Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Valley in order to create a new source of water for San Francisco residents.

Though no definitive records exist, spoken history indicates that the Evergreen was founded by a man who worked on the Hetch Hetchy Railroad. In the early years, the Evergreen was a post office, restaurant and general store. Lore has it that moonshine was brewed in the basement of the lodge during Prohibition.

In 2001, the Evergreen was sold to the current owners, Brian Anderluh, Dan Braun & Lee Zimmerman, who have since renovated the lodge and added 75 new cabins and communal buildings.

A lot has changed since the Evergreen first opened in 1921. Fortunately, much has remained the same. As in the old days, the Evergreen is still a meeting spot for all walks of life to come and enjoy a classic Yosemite experience. However, these days you will be just as likely to enjoy the company of an international tourist as that of a Park Ranger, rock climber or local resident.

You can find more details about our history and philosophy here.

In honor of Evergreen’s Centennial our staff put together a Historic Slideshow that we’re showing in our quaint little theater in Tuolumne Hall.  We’re also leading a delightful Historic Property Tour filled with tasty tidbits passed down through the generations.

Any time of year you can join in the fun by watching our Historic Slide Show here on our web site.