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Evergreen Lodge Centennial Gazette

Former Evergreen Owners Garrisons FishingEvergreen Soda FountainHistoric Greyhound BusIn honor of the Centennial, we’re bringing back the Evergreen Centennial Gazette.

It’s chock full of fun looks at the past, historical sites around the lodge, activities for exploring the area, comical trivia, and Roaring 20’s food and drinks.

Did you know that there was once a dance pavilion with a live orchestra at Evergreen Lodge?  Can you guess when and why the orchestra dances stopped?  The answers are in the Gazette!

During Prohibition bartenders got notoriously creative with their Speakeasy drinks.  Check out the Bootlegger recipe in the Spring edition of the Gazette.

Ever tried a Cucumber Rickey or a Classic Shandy? Find the recipes for our take on these Roaring 20’s classics in the Summer edition of the Gazette.