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Snow Creek Yosemite Winter Hike

January 6, 2015

Rim of Tenaya Canyon at Yosemite

Snow Creek Trail Winter Adventure, by Kevin Perry

(poem by Bryant Burnette)

On December 17th, three of our Recreation Guides, Bryant Burnette, Jamie Plouffe, and I, Kevin Perry, as well as our good friend from Housekeeping, Mark Freeman, all went on an adventure in the snow up one of the toughest and steepest trails in Yosemite National Park, the Snow CreekFresh Powder on Snow Creek Trail Trail.

The Snow Creek Trail is a seldom hiked trail that offers stunning views of eastern Yosemite Valley as it leads from the valley floor to its rim.Snow Creek December 2014

Most of the trail was clear, but we did encounter some snow on the last third of the trail. This was one of the most grueling, butSnow Creek Switchback Below Snow Line rewarding hikes I have ever done. By the time you reach the footbridge at Snow Creek, you will have hiked 2.6 miles, gaining 2700 feet!  All told, this Yosemite winter hike started below the snow line and took us through over 100 grueling switchbacks before reaching our rewarding view at the top of the rim of Yosemite Valley’s Tenaya Canyon.

We enjoyed some great food, thanks to Jamie’s wonderful cooking skills, and took some great photos along the way. We will never forget this hike!

Kevin Perry

Snowcreek Winter Scramble, by Bryant Burnette

Pillow topped pine forest;
The candy quartz dikes;
The warm talus soup;
Ancient erratic eggs;
The mountain’s cold core;
Oh but her warm rays;
With each step her heart beats strong with mine;
My breath meets her breeze;
I’m in love, I’m alive, the mountain is mine.