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What’s New at the Evergreen this Spring

May 4, 2019

Evergreen Lodge Recreation Center Interior (Kim Carroll)

Deluxe King Cabin Exterior (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Restaurant Host Stand (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Kay's Nest Kitchen-Dining (Kim Carroll)Get ready for some wonderful surprises on your next visit to the Evergreen!

Over our winter break we treated all 88 of our cabins to a design beautification that honors our rich history while enhancing your Yosemite lodging experience with some new furnishings and comforts.  You’ll notice similar refinements throughout the lodge’s Restaurant, Tavern, Recreation Center and Tuolumne Hall Game Room as well.

Our Wellness program continues to grow, with a second Massage Cabana in the woods, and our new Forest Disc Golf Course is already a huge hit. Oh, and we expanded our Custom Camping campground and gave our bath house a design refresh.  We also added a new, one-of-a-kind lodging experience, Kay’s Nest – a two-level residence with studio loft above and large bonus/game-room below.

Perhaps most thrilling of all is the addition of Yosemite Flight Tours to our Recreation offerings!  Scroll down for more, or see highlights in our new photo album.

Check Out the Photo Album

Disc golf anyone?

Evergreen Lodge Disc Golf Kiddo (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Disc Golf Family Fun (Kim Carroll)Ask anyone who’s played, especially on our new forest course, and they’ll tell you they love it!  It’s a nine hole course (well, baskets really) that’s beginner friendly and easy to navigate.  There’s both an expert and a novice level of play to choose from.  It’s conveniently located just across the road from the Main Lodge Restaurant and Tavern, and the entire course takes under an hour to play.  It’s a quick and easy game to bring the entire family together.

Massage Cabana Expansion

Evergreen Lodge Massage Cabana Sign (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Additional Massage Cabana (Kim Carroll)Did you go too hard on the trails, or still have some of that city stress lingering in your bones?  You’ll be happy to know that we’ve added a second Massage Cabana in the woods. Our talented team of certified massage therapists offer a fabulous range of revitalizing massages. Evergreen Signature Massage is one of our most popular treatments. It’s an energy balancing experience that integrates Swedish techniques with hot stone, sound therapy and a personalized chakra treatment.  Then you get to take your chakra stones home with you for continued focus and relaxation, bringing a meaningful bit of Yosemite back to your daily routine.

Designer Notes

Deluxe King Cabin (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Shower-Tub (Kim Carroll)Two-Bedroom Family Cabin Living RoomEvergreen Lodge Cottage Living Room Sofabed (Kim Carroll)Evergreen Lodge Vintage Cabin Amenities (Kim Carroll)During our annual winter break this year Evergreen’s cabins got a gorgeous facelift.  We managed to stay true to Evergreen’s roots while bringing some elevated design touches and modern amenities to your Yosemite lodging experience, including Wi-Fi, Alexa devices, and air conditioning.  Still no TV’s in our cabins by design, but don’t worry sports fans, you can still find big games on the TV’s in the Tavern!

We were delighted to work with renowned Bay Area designer Anthony Laurino.  We love what he did with our sister property, Rush Creek Lodge, and we knew we could trust him to enhance the Evergreen with the same level of care.  When you talk with Anthony about this project, he’s quick to point out that he is “part of a core team of talented people who are dedicated to achieving a collective dream of matching Evergreen’s rustic warmth to the contemporary lifestyle of today’s traveler.  It all stems from the vision laid out by Lee and Brian (owners of the lodges), and it takes a lot of collaboration to make it work.

Anthony knows how much the Evergreen means to generations of friends and family, so he admits he was a touch nervous about “blending into the backdrop of this magical place, keeping it charming and authenticIt was important to be influenced by the natural surroundings, bringing the outside inside, and make sure it was not overdesigned, but homey.”

There’s a story behind every design decision Anthony makes, but one of our favorites is the story behind the new artwork hanging in each cabin’s sitting area.  At Rush Creek Anthony had great success working with local photographer Robb Hirsch to create large format fine photographs and tapestries showcasing local nature and wildlife.  For Evergreen he wanted to do something equally grand, and keep it local, but he was searching for something more hand-crafted or artisanal in nature. Wandering through Evergreen’s General Store one day, some black and white linocuts depicting local scenes caught his eye.  Turns out they’re made by local artist Ruth George, a multi-talented woman who has long had a passion for intricate print projects and was delighted to work with Anthony to create a series of large format versions of her linocuts for use in Evergreen’s cabins.

We hope you enjoy Evergreen’s beautiful new look as much as we do!

Yosemite Flight Tours

Yosemite Flight Tours Crew and PlanesYosemite Flight Tours - Yosemite Valley and High CountryIt’s a thrill to get to partner with the crew at Courtney Aviation to offer you Yosemite Flight Tours, showing you parts of Yosemite in ways that no one can experience from the road or the trail.  Their FAA Air Carrier certification allows them to take you over Yosemite’s classic icons such as Yosemite Falls, Half Dome and El Capitan, as well as Tuolumne Meadows and Yosemite’s pristine High Country.  The trip they have put together for you takes a little over an hour and can be customized to include areas beyond Yosemite for an additional fee. Click here for details or contact our Recreation team for information and reservations at (209) 379-2606 x 3 or [email protected].