Memory Lane – Kerr Family

Congratulations and thank you to the The Kerr Family – the lucky winners from our 2014 Memory Lane Project

Our family vacationed at Evergreen Lodge in August 2007 during one of the hottest weeks of the year.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, but one of my favorite experiences was taking the excursion up to Glacier Point followed by the 4 mile hike down into Yosemite Valley.

My then 14 year old elder son fell in love with Yosemite on that hike, and talks often about going back.  My youngest son (8 at the time) enjoyed tearing down the trail with 3 other boys on the hike with us.

The absolute best part was arriving at the bottom and swimming in the Merced River, with the walls of Yosemite’s monoliths towering over us.  In fact my favorite picture of the trip is of the 4 young boys walking down the middle of the river, shirts off and not a care in the world—what a wonderful Huck Finn moment!

The day was capped off with dinner at the restaurant, s’mores by the campfire and my son Cameron placing 3rd in the ping pong tournament.  Cameron and the first 2 winners were sent into the general store to pick out a prize.  Our family laughed when the first 2 boys came back down the ramp holding bottles of Gatorade, while Cameron came out with a giant Hershey bar and an even bigger smile!

Although it’s a long trip we definitely hope to be back!



The Kerr Family
Charlotte, North Carolina