Summer 2020 Photo Contest Winners

Although this summer at Evergreen has looked a little different, the good times have still been rolling and we have a whole new batch of fresh guests photos! See Yosemite through the eyes and hearts of our Summer Photo Contest participants.

Visit the full gallery of our Summer Photo Contest “Refreshing Yosemite Moments” now, or keep scrolling to see highlights of some of our favorite images and the stories that go with them.

Here we congratulate the winners and share a few honorable mentions that we loved.  We hope you do too!

Winners With the Most Votes

1st Place: John O.

852 Points

Smiling Selfie at Glacier Point
Prize: 2-night stay

JO: “Loving the views at Glacier Point, followed by a fantastic drive back to Evergreen Lodge for dinner and drinks. We loved the campfires, s’mores, and friendly staff!”

John O. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest

Runner Up: Lauren B.

818 Points

Happy Camper in a Custom Camping Tent
Prize: 1-night stay

LB: “Amazing ambiance, great food and cocktails, and very friendly staff. This was my boyfriend’s first time sleeping in a tent, look at that happy camper! We will definitely come back!”

Lauren B. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest

Runner Up: Jonathan J.

645 Points

Pure Zip Line Joy
Prize: 1-night stay

JJ: “Great location and wonderful employees!”

Jonathan J. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest

Some Honorable Mentions You’ll Love

S’mores and Relaxation in Evergreen’s Plaza, by Katherine S.

KS: “The best part of our experience at Evergreen was enjoying the wonderful amenities and outdoor activities, and having the opportunity to disconnect for a few days. Thank you for a relaxing a fun getaway weekend!”

EL: Summer nights at Evergreen wouldn’t be complete without our favorite nightly tradition: S’MORES! Whether it’s your first time making this tasty treat or if you’re practically an expert, roasting marshmallows in our fire pits end your day in the sweetest way!

Katherine S. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest
Making a Big Splash at Carlon Falls, by Gillette H.

GH: “We loved the quiet of our cabin, the friendliness of all the staff, and most of all, seeing the marvels of greater Yosemite without the crowds. The activities desk was great at directing us to an outdoor natural experience each day (hikes, swims in pristine swimming holes with waterfalls…) with almost no one else around. A stay at Evergreen allowed us to experience sections of Yosemite that are equally jaw-dropping, as a more intimate and private experience with nature.”

EL: That’s a brave jump! Carlon Falls is on Evergreen Road and a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Since the trail begins in the Stanislaus National Forest, most people miss this hidden gem entirely even though it ends up winding through Yosemite National Park and is perfect for lounging in the shade near the waterfalls in the summer.

Gillette H. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest
A Lovely Afternoon at Hetch Hetchy, by Wilma B.

WB: “Magnificent Hetch Hetchy – a perfect excursion during our stay at Evergreen. The site is mellow yet vibrant. Easy access to hiking, biking, and serious relaxing.”

EL: We love the term ‘serious relaxing’ as it’s a great way to describe both Evergreen Lodge and this region of Hetch Hetchy. The Hetch Hetchy Reservoir is a short drive from our lodge making it the perfect afternoon hiking location. Taking the time to relax and reflect in nature is so needed and this photo really captures it!

Wilma B. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest
Newlyweds Making Memories and Friends, by Suzy W.

SW: “Taking a selfie before the last dinner of our honeymoon at Evergreen. Our ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ face masks prompted a nice conversation with a couple at the next table who were celebrating 35 years of marriage. Evergreen Lodge is perfect for newlyweds, families, and long-time couples alike.”

EL: Congratulations! We are honored you chose Evergreen to host your honeymoon adventure! We hear stories like yours all the time of guests making friends with other guests at the Tavern or a family by the swimming pool becoming best friends with another family. Don’t be surprised if you make just as many new friends as memories when you visit Evergreen Lodge!

Suzy W. - Summer 2020 Photo Contest
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