Trending this Fall at the Evergreen Lodge

We asked our friends at the Recreation Desk the top ten things they’re recommending this fall, and here’s what they had to say!

Star Party*

Viewing of the Leonids Meteor Shower
November 17th & 18th, 8-10pm
$35/adult, $25/youth (age 15 & under), advance reservation required

We invite you to curl up in a warm blanket, hot cocoa in hand, and hang out with us on our Sunset Deck as we view the Leonids meteor shower. We will have binoculars and our Unistellar telescope available for enhanced viewing, and a member of our team present to guide you through the viewing. 

Advance reservation required, maximum 20 people each evening.

*Conditions Permitting


Massage Special

Book a 50 or 80-minute Massage Treatment on Mondays or Tuesdays and receive $20 off!

We offer a menu of rejuvenating treatments that you can book at the discounted rate online, over the phone or in-person with the Recreation Desk. 

Offer ends December 19th.


Beer Tasting

Available Thursdays and Fridays, 6-7pm
$35/adult 21+, advanced reservation required

California is home to hundreds of craft breweries and we can introduce you to a few of them!  Sample a variety of local craft beers while learning what makes each one unique. You’ll taste a flight of different styles of craft beers and learn about the techniques used to produce each one and the breweries that made them.


Fly Fishing

$40/day to rent fly fishing equipment from the Recreation Desk

Grab a trail lunch from the General Store and rent Fly Fishing equipment from the Recreation Desk and escape to one of our local rivers. Rental includes all necessary equipment to secure a big catch!

A California Fishing License is required to fish our local rivers, and is not included with the rental. 

Our favorite fishing spots:
  • Middle For Day Use Area, located on Evergreen Road
  • Carlon Day Use Area, located on Evergreen Road.
    This one can be a hike and fish, with the trailhead to Carlon Falls located in the Day Use Area!


Historical Scavenger Hunt

Our historical scavenger hunt is designed for adults and kids alike! You will hunt for clues leading you to different points around property, gathering letters along the way that will eventually spell out a fun fact. A prize will be given to those who complete!

Scavenger Hunt begins at the Recreation Desk.

Chase Fall in Yosemite

Wapama Falls

Hetch Hetchy, 20-minute drive

Yosemite National Park is recognized for it’s jaw dropping waterfalls, and by the time we reach late summer the flow of Yosemite’s most iconic waterfalls begins to dwindle. 

This is not the case in Hetch Hetchy! Wapama Falls is Yosemite National Park’s biggest waterfall by volume, making it a must for those chasing waterfalls this fall. 

For sightseers, Wapama Falls can be viewed while standing on the O’Shaughnessy Dam.

For hikers, it’s a 5-mile roundtrip hike to the base of the waterfall. 


Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias

30-minute drive

We will never stop recommending this grove of giants, where every season brings new beauty. Catch the changing dogwoods against the brilliant red bark of the Sequoias in this dense Evergreen forest.

Fun Fact:

The path down to the grove is paved because it is the old Big Oak Flat Road! Completed in 1875, this road welcomed tourists traveling by stagecoach and eventually some of the first automobiles until it closed in 1940.


Yosemite Valley Loop Trail

This is the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure, with loops as short as 1-mile and as long as 11.5-miles. Every bend in the trail offers unique perspectives of Yosemite Valley’s most iconic granite features.

Throughout the year, the Yosemite Valley Loop Trail transforms with the changing seasons, making it a popular destination for sightseers and experienced hikers. Whether blanketed with falling leaves in autumn or adorned with a glistening dusting of snow in the winter, this trail offers an ever-evolving and enchanting glimpse into the natural beauty of Yosemite Valley!


Glacier Point Road

This scenic road winds its way to one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the park: Glacier Point. Along the way, travelers are treated to vistas of Half Dome, Vernal and Nevada Falls and pass multiple trailheads. Glacier Point Road is typically open from late spring to early fall, so get your trip in before the season’s first snow blankets the road!

For sightseers, Glacier Point offers a jaw-dropping vista overlooking Yosemite Valley. You’ll receive unforgettable views of Half Dome with Yosemite’s high country painted in the background.

For hikers, there are many trails that begin along this road. The two most notable being Sentinel Dome and Taft Point. Both trails have the same starting point, and are each 2.2-miles roundtrip.


Tioga Road

This road flaunts an extensive list of renowned Yosemite hikes and destinations. Not matter whether you’re looking for a day of sightseeing, with back-to-back big vistas, or to explore Yosemite’s backcountry, Tioga Road will provide. You’ll take a journey through diverse ecosystems, from lush forests to seas of granite, and from alpine lakes to sweeping meadows.

Tioga Road reaches an elevation of 9,945 feet and is the first road to see snow, so be sure to get it in while you can!