Wellness Vacations Near Yosemite National Park

Anyone who looks at a beautiful photo of a nature scene depicting a sunset or a mountain range or a towering forest of evergreen trees can’t help but smile and wish they were there. Studies are now proving that those who go the extra step, physically stand in nature and experience its beauty firsthand are receiving immense benefits for their mental and physical health.

This growing body of research tells us that people who spend at least two hours a week outside are far more likely to report good health and overall positive well-being than those who spend less time outdoors. Wide-ranging studies from Scientific Reports and others have shown that as long as a person feels safe, time in nature works as an antidote for stress – diminishing anxiety, enhancing immune system functions and improving overall mood. Especially in a world seeking pandemic recovery, certified therapists are preaching that time in nature can, and will, fight depression and anxiety by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, supporting graceful aging and improving focus.

Wellness Resorts In California

As a leader in the wellness industry, housing more than 2,600 health and wellness spas, California offers even more opportunities for travelers to connect with nature. From national parks and nature reservations to thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails, California is filled with picturesque landscapes primed for healing vacations and wellness getaways.

One of the best wellness resorts in California is Evergreen Lodge, nestled in the woods just eight miles from Yosemite National Park. This historic Yosemite resort is an “oasis in the wilderness” completed with cozy cabins, a rustic tavern, wellness amenities and much more!

Simply select which cottage, cabin or campsite you desire and get ready for a wellness vacation filled with rejuvenation, restorations and relaxation!

Amenities that are sure to bring healing and rejuvenation during your Yosemite escape:

Nature Trail

The onsite nature trail meanders through the forest surrounding the lodge providing a great way to explore the property while learning about the area’s nature, wildlife and natural history. This family-friendly trail totals just under one mile.

Massage Treatments

Enjoy a massage in the serene and welcoming setting of one of our private cabanas nestled among towering pines, or schedule an appointment at the new indoor/outdoor spa at our sister property, Rush Creek Lodge.

Sunset Deck

Along the western edge of the property is Sunset Deck. Guests are invited to enjoy the serene sunset followed by an evening of stargazing. Comfy seating and a great view included.

Want to take your stargazing to the next level?
Book one of Evergreen’s stargazing tours. Far from light pollution, you’ll be up close to nature’s light show, gazing through our reflector telescope. Observe stars, planets, constellations, and glimmering galaxies while listening to fun facts and mythology of the night’s sky.

Guided Tours

Evergreen offers numerous guided tours through Yosemite’s mountains and valleys. Each hike is led by an experienced local guide providing an insider’s look at the national park. We recommend the Hetch-Hetchy Wapama Falls Naturalist Hike, the Giant Sequoia Hike or Snowshoe and the Big Trees Hike & Swim.

Guests are always welcome to explore on their own. Make use of the hiking materials at the Recreation Desk and inquire with staff about any questions you may have. Find a list of nearby trails online and easily download an info sheet about each.

Do you know the difference between a guided hike and a naturalist hike?
Naturalist hikes are led by certified guides with a nature-related college degree. These guides are well-versed in flora, fauna and wildlife, possess first aid certification and know the history and science of the area. Rush Creek’s naturalist guides also boast the uncanny ability to provide an interesting experience for all age levels. Find a full list of Yosemite guided hikes and tours.


If you’ve never laid in a hammock strung between two towering redwoods looking up at a star-filled California night sky then you can’t imagine the deep dimensions of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation that result. Guests will discover hammocks scattered throughout Evergreen’s property offering a secluded oasis for enjoying nature, stargazing, reading or even napping.

Wellness Getaways & Healing Vacations

Many guests have described a stay at Evergreen Lodge as being embraced with a warm hug. Surrounded on all sides by the Stanislaus National Forest, Evergreen offers an ideal setting for a healing vacation. For more than 100 years, Evergreen Lodge has been a vibrant part of the Yosemite landscape. Today, guests will enjoy modern comforts and historic charm along with natural beauty.

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