Why You Need To Visit Yosemite in the Fall

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Fall is a beautiful time of transition in Yosemite, making it significantly more appealing to me than any other time of year! The kids are back in school, the air turns crisp and the colors — oh, the colors. I’m pretty sure I took enough photos to last me through next fall!

We decided to take a trip to Yosemite for my husband’s birthday and by the end of the weekend, I was convinced there was no better time than the fall to visit this lovely national park. Read on to find out why!

5 Reasons to Visit Yosemite in the Fall

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Fewer Crowds

Yosemite is a stunning place to unwind and become one with your surroundings. With the hustle and bustle of summer behind you, you’ll certainly appreciate the absence of crowds as you make your way around Yosemite Valley. The lack of traffic behind the wheel and foot traffic on the trails make for a much more enjoyable experience. Go on a weekday, if possible, and you’ll feel as though you have areas of the park all to yourself!

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Comfortable Temperatures

The weather in the fall is simply delightful in Yosemite. When I visited mid-October, temperatures ranged from the low 50’s °F in the wee hours of the morning and late evening to the low 80’s °F during the warmest part of the day. The cooler temperatures make hiking for long periods of time more comfortable. What’s more, you’ll avoid mosquitos altogether this time of year!

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Fall Foliage

Even though many of the trees in the park are evergreen, Yosemite has beautiful big-leaf maples, black oaks and lots of deciduous trees that turn vibrant shades of red and yellow around mid-October. A trip in the fall will allow you to catch the true splendor of Yosemite Valley’s natural beauty. Not only did it get me into the mood for fall, but the foliage also made for the perfect backdrop against which to snap photos all weekend long!

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The leaves and the temperatures aren’t the only things falling this time of year! Accommodations in or near Yosemite can be expensive year-round. However, visiting during off-peak times will guarantee you lower rates at some of the nicest properties and lodges in the area! Want to splurge on that villa-with-a-view for a weekend getaway? Fall is the time to do it!

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No Limits

Through October, all areas of the park still remain accessible, which means you’ll have the opportunity to explore the entire park with limited road closures preceding the winter months! Most waterfalls (including Vernal, Nevada and Bridalveil Falls) are flowing all year round. Although Yosemite Falls generally runs dry this time of year, if you go immediately after a rainstorm rejuvenates the falls, you might be lucky enough to catch much more than a trickle, just like I did!

In all honesty, there is never a bad time to visit Yosemite National Park; however, if you’re looking to find fewer crowds, better deals, and ideal temperatures to enjoy your list of autumn activities, shoulder season is the way to go. Having areas of the park to myself and the ease on my wallet are reason enough to keep me coming back to Yosemite in the fall!

Have you ever been to Yosemite in the Fall? Now is the time!

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