Winter 2020 Photo Contest Winners

The results are in just in time for you to treat yourself to a #virtualYosemite visit.

Until you’re able to make the trip, you can see Yosemite through the eyes and hearts of our Winter Photo Contest participants.

Here we congratulate the winners, and share a few honorable mentions that we loved.  We hope you do too!

Winners With the Most Votes

1st Place: Brian P.

624 Points

Evergreen Path at Night
Prize: 2-night stay

BP: “On the right Path! This was a great way to ring in the new year with family and friend fun.”

EL: Congratulations on rallying so many votes!  You’ve captured a great moment here.  For anyone who’s part of the Evergreen family already, it’s a refreshing reminder of the magical nights wandering the property and looking up to see the infinite array of stars, especially the Milky Way, while breathing in the fresh mountain air.  For anyone who hasn’t experienced it yet, It’s certainly something to look forward to.  Thank you so much!

Brian P. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest

Runner Up: Veronica S.

337 Points

Inside a Giant Tree Trunk
Prize: 1-night stay

VS: “Truly ‘in nature’ here at Yosemite.  A little hidden gem hike just up the road from the Evergreen provides seclusion, beauty, and a heartwarming flowing river. What makes Evergreen so magical is the quiet, peaceful ambiance. You are truly in the wilderness and you feel it. What makes Evergreen so special are the down- to- earth, hands- on social activities…rec center daytime crafting/ activities, rec center nightly games (Bingo and Trivia, Woo Hoo), the leisure games and fire pits around the property, and most importantly, S’mores.”

EL: Way to really get ‘in nature’ and show us all how it’s done, Veronica!  It’s so great to hear how you found peace and happiness in the surrounding wilderness while at the same time having a ton of fun around property.  Something tells us you’re a tough competitor at our nightly games!  Win or lose, thanks for reminding everyone that S’mores are free for all every night at the Evergreen.

Veronica S. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest

Runner Up: Alicia P.

326 Points

Sierra Sunset from Evergreen’s Sunset Deck
Prize: 1-night stay

AP: “No better way to start our stay at Evergreen than seeing this epic sunset at the overlook.  The location. The staff. The decor. It’s our happy place!”

EL: What an honor to be your happy place, Alicia!  We appreciate your kind comments and the opportunity to share in this lovely Sierra sunset moment with you.  Here’s to many more gorgeous sunsets in your future!

Alicia P. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest

Honorary Runner Up: Diana K.

324 Points

Family Cabin Porchfest
Prize: 1-night stay

DK: “Our first Cabin stay! The kids loved the bunk beds and how close we were to all the activities especially the zipline!  Loved it being kid friendly and all the activities planned for guests.”

EL: Diana missed the Runner Up spot by just 2 points.  Oh so close, it’s practically a tie! Plus, it makes us so happy to see how much her family loved their first cabin stay and all things Evergreen, so we’re awarding her an honorary Runner Up prize stay.  Congratulations, Diana and family!

Diana K. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest

Some Honorable Mentions You’ll Love

Forest Snowdrifts, Rainbows and Reflections, by Megan F.

MF: “Snow and rainbows…what could be better!  My kids really enjoyed the playground. Especially the zip line.”

EL: We couldn’t agree more, and we’re thrilled that you captured this spectacular display of nature at its finest!

Megan F. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest
A Romantic Stroll, by Deedra M.

DM: “A walk in the woods is great for the heart.  We love the warmth and attention from staff, coupled with the rustic feel of the lodge.”

EL: You are so right, in so many ways!  We thank you for sharing this image, not only for its heartwarming sentiment, but also because it is surprisingly rare to capture the genuinely romantic moments that our surrounding wilderness provides.  Especially outside of the busier summer months.

Deedra M. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest
Steamy Poolside Sunset, by Juliet S.

JS: “Enjoying the view and heated saltwater pool.  We had a wonderful time, from start to finish. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Our cabin was cozy, comfortable and clean. We loved the mix of 1930’s camp vibe mixed with all the modern-day creature comforts. All the fun activities, game rooms, and playgrounds were a hit. The heated pool and the nightly s’mores were the perfect way to end our fun-filled days. Big thanks to Evergreen Lodge for a lovely and memorable family vacation!”

EL: Big thanks to you and your family for sharing your Yosemite adventure with us!  Hearing how much guests enjoy everything we have to offer always makes everyone smile.  “Miles of Smiles,” we like to call it!

Juliet S. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest
S’mores Galore, by Kim F.

KF: “Spending time with my son playing in the awesome and unique playgrounds, especially the zip lines!”

EL: For anyone who’s never had the pleasure of roasting s’mores by an outdoor fire, it’s tough to describe the satisfaction that lies within these ooey gooey delights.  We think this youngster’s smile is as close as you can get!

Kim F. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest
Yosemite Valley Sunset, by Claudia I.

CI: “Mini vacation adventures! We wanted to go up to tunnel view and turned too early so we ended up looping around again but as luck would have it, the sun was setting and because of the missed turn, we were able to capture the light bouncing off the cliff face and the tree tops. So glad we missed that turn and were able to see this! Another wonderful getaway and much needed mini vacation to recharge and feel refreshed! Very nice cabin nestled in the woods, surrounded by peace and tranquility. A much needed vacation for both of us.”

EL: No matter where you look or when you visit, you’re guaranteed a gorgeous sunset.  We’re impressed with Claudia’s eye for a lesser-photographed but equally beautiful vantage point here.  At first glance you might be tempted to think that this is Yosemite’s iconic birthplace of big wall climbing, El Capitan.  On closer inspection you’ll notice that El Cap’s signature heart is nowhere to be seen, so what is Claudia smitten with?  We’re 99% sure we’re looking at Cathedral Rocks, which faces El Cap on the opposite side of the Merced River.  Either way, it’s a rare take on sunset in Yosemite Valley, AND we thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Claudia’s genuine free-wheeling road trip experience that California is famous for.

Claudia I. - Winter 2020 Photo Contest
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