Yosemite Fall Colors 2023 Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall photo contest, Yosemite Fall Colors.

We’re feeling extra thankful for all who shared and casted their votes. Your participation not only makes it fun for us, but keeps everyone #YosemiteDreaming when they need it most.

Here we congratulate the winners and share a few honorable mentions that we loved.

Winners With the Most Votes

1st Place: Sagar M.

999 Points

Half Dome in White
Prize: 2-night stay    

SM: “We stumbled upon this beautiful gem one winter. Since then, it has become a ritual for our family to visit Evergreen lodge every Christmas.”

EL: It’s an honor to be a part of your Christmas tradition!


2nd Place: Paul L.

543 Points

Hetch Hetchy
Prize: 1-night stay    

PL: “2023.11.05 – First time at Evergreen and hike to Wapama Falls. Much needed nature quiet time. My ears enjoyed the sounds of only my soft footsteps, the wind, the birds, and water. My eyes enjoyed miles of pure beauty that I did not want to leave. I will be back.”

EL: You’ve beautifully captured what is so great about Hetch Hetchy, and we can’t wait to welcome you back for more solitude.

2nd - Hetch Hetchy Hiker (Paul L. 11-6-23)

3rd Place: Lyndsay M.

441 Points

Stars of the Evergreen
Prize: 1-night stay    

LM: “One of our favorite things to do at night at Evergreen Lodge was to view the stars with our 3 year old daughter. It’s breathtakingly beautiful!”

EL: This is such a magical picture. You all should check out our Stargazing event next time you visit!


Some Honorable Mentions You’ll Love

Vanessa C.

VC: “My mom spies a great cabin for our stay celebrating her birthday! 🎉🎉

EL: This one has us laughing out loud! We hope she had a wonderful birthday stay!


Christine F.

CF: “We had a lovely day biking 12 miles around the Valley with our 5-year-old son. This is something my husband and I had done many years ago and we were excited to share it with our son.”

EL: We hope you all treated yourselves to a massage after that day! What a fun family adventure!


Michelle R.

MR: “This bobcat crossed our paths 2x on the hike to Wapama Falls.”

EL: Wow! Sounds like it wanted to join you all!


Angie S.

AS: “My 16-year-old son and I visited Yosemite for the first time in October 2023, and stayed at Evergreen Lodge. On our first day we hiked around Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. We had the trail to ourselves. We stopped to let the beauty of this place we’d been dreaming about visiting for year sink in. I caught this moment of my son taking in the view. He’s growing into a young man, and soon he’ll be off on his own adventures. But I’ll have this moment and the memories of the time we spent in Yosemite and Evergreen Lodge with me forever.”

EL: Thank you so much for sharing this special memory. It’s incredible how these landscapes provoke wonder. We hope we get the chance to welcome you all back for many more memorable adventures.


Nicole D.

ND: “Yosemite in the fall 😍

EL: This photo has us feeling like we’re there right now!

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