Yosemite Inspiration 2021 Spring Photo Contest

Wow! So many great guest photos and memories from our Spring photo contest, Yosemite Inspiration.
From little adventurers to wintry Half Dome, full moon mornings to family vacations, there was truly something for everyone this time around.

Thank you to all who shared, and to all who cast their votes.  Your participation not only makes it fun for us, but it helps everyone keep #YosemiteDreaming when they need it most.

Here we congratulate the winners and share a few honorable mentions that we loved.  We hope you do too!

Winners With the Most Votes

1st Place: David S.

1545 points

Sitting on Top the World
Prize: 2-night stay

GS: “Sitting on Top of the World at Sentinel Dome In addition to all the activities, relaxing, and great food at Evergreen, we do love our jaunts into Yosemite! A favorite family tradition.”

EL: Congratulations on your big win, David, and a big thank you to all your friends and family who participated in the contest. Way to capture a cuteness overload moment that will be cherished for so many years to come.  

David S. - Spring Photo Contest 2021

Runner Up: Veronica R.

1014 points

Wintry Half Dome
Prize: 1-night stay

II: “View of Half Dome”

EL: Winter in Yosemite may be one of the underrated seasons to visit! We love everything the winter has to offer from snowshoeing and skiing to bluebird skies and snowmen! But this snowy shot gives Half Dome a whole new look. 

Veronica R. - Spring Photo Contest 2021

Runner Up: Daniel L

613 points

Morning Moon
Prize: 1-night stay

DL: “Taken out the window of our cabin, Cedar 11, on the morning of April 26.”

EL: There’s definitely something special to see each hour of the day at Evergreen and Yosemite. From sunrises to sunsets, every moment has something to capture! Especially this calm morning with the glow of the moon… truly a time of serenity. 

Daniel L. - Spring Photo Contest 2021

Some Honorable Mentions You’ll Love

February Firefall, by Antenor M.

AM: “Firefall 2021 an awesome adventure”

EL: We love this glowing picture of Firefall! One of our favorite parts of the winter season is the excitement for this annual natural occurrence, thanks Antenor for sharing this golden hour moment with us. 

Antenor M. - Spring Photo Contest 2021
Hetch Hetchy Wildlife, by Marilyn S.

MS: Back at the lodge… “We loved Evergreen! Friendly, helpful staff, good food, lot’s to do. We got snowed in one day. Didn’t matter we played disk golf in show shoes, won prizes at bingo, warmed in the hot tub, played chess by the fire, toasted marshmallows and had great food and drinks.”

EL: Wildlife alert! We love seeing so many pictures of wildlife in Yosemite. Hetch Hetchy is quite the hotspot to see all types of creatures from this cute (but not harmless) bobcat to deer and bear! Great shot! 

Marilyn S. - Spring Photo Contest 2021
Tavern Fun, by Leah B.

LB: “Root beer with dinner at Evergreen Lodge!”

EL: There’s nothing better than unwinding after a day in Yosemite at Evergreen Tavern. That first sip of root beer must’ve been a refreshing and sweet moment! Such a cute pic!

Leah B. - Spring Photo Contest 2021
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