Yosemite Photo Contest Staff Picks

Our Fall Photo Contest, Favorite Yosemite Memories, is still under way, but we wanted to brighten everyone’s holidays with some staff favorites that are making us smile and look forward to Evergreen’s re-opening February 12th.  We’ll be celebrating our Centennial all year in 2021, and we’ve got big plans in the making, so look for more announcements soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy these recent guest moments and treat yourself to some #YosemiteDreaming.

Visit the full gallery of our Fall Photo Contest “Favorite Yosemite Memories” now, or keep scrolling to see highlights of some of our favorite images and the stories that go with them.

Some Recent Yosemite Moments You’ll Love

El Capitan Autumn Afternoon, by Todd Y.

TY: “El Capitan on an Autumn Afternoon. Parked at the base and meandered across the road to the creek. Turned around to find this… There were also deer playing at the other end of the creek.
It’s a great get-away from the Bay Area, to breathe the fresh air, to walk through Yosemite, and go back to a cozy cabin at night.”

EL: Beautifully captured, Todd, both visually and verbally.  You’ve really put us all in the moment with you for this incredible Fall Yosemite adventure.  What a terrific reminder of the many faces of El Capitan.  Between changing seasonal colors and conditions, the angle of the sun, and where you happen to be sitting, the possibilities for beautiful images are endless.  Add in the surrounding creeks, rivers, waterfalls and wildlife, and it’s nothing short of magic.

Todd Y. - Fall 2020 Photo Contest

Misty Yosemite Valley Fall Afternoon, by Richard F.

RF: “Misty Yosemite Valley, late afternoon November 2020, while returning to Evergreen Lodge from Yosemite Village. Love everything about Evergreen Lodge. Location, cabins, amenities, surroundings in the woods, activities, restaurant(gluten-free options), and all staff who are so helpful and friendly. Third visit and definitely not the last.”

EL: What lucky timing for you to find this afternoon mist dancing between the blue sky and the crystal clear reflection on the surface of the Merced River.  You should make this your Zoom background, ha, ha!  We thank you for not only sharing this stunning image but also for all the kind words about the lodge and our lovely staff, especially the culinary team who make great efforts to provide fresh, delicious food for all dietary needs.  We look forward to welcoming you back for many more gluten-free Yosemite adventures!

Richard F. - Fall 2020 Photo Contest

Carlon Falls Reminiscing, by Amy B.

AB: “I grew up going to Camp Mather so that area is special to me and my family. We have been going on an annual trip to Evergreen for about 20 years. It is so wonderful to take my children to all the places I went when I was growing up. The Evergreen makes the experience extra special. Whenever we come up it feels like we are coming home.”

EL: Thanks for being part of the Evergreen family and sharing your story! Handing down Yosemite traditions through the generations is incredibly important for continued stewardship of Yosemite National Park and hidden gems like Carlon Falls. We look forward to welcoming you and your family ‘home’ to the Evergreen for many more generations to come!

Amy B. - Fall 2020 Photo Contest

Sun Rising, Moon Setting, by Cindy S.

CS: “Out for an early 6am morning walk, and had the pleasant surprise of seeing the moon set and sunrise at the same time through the trees! So much to enjoy at Evergreen even in the quiet early hours when most are still asleep!”

EL: Where do we begin?  It’s impressive enough to be up and at ’em with camera in hand before the sun is up.  Even more impressive is this successful capture of the usually camera-shy moon calling it a night. Also a fantastic reminder of the beauty to be found at the lodge – icing on the cake of a Yosemite visit.  Nicely done!

Cindy S. - Fall 2020 Photo Contest

Big Trees Inspire Big Determination, by Shena S.

SS: “Oh, I was determined to make it on top of this log even if I needed both boys help. 🙂
My family and I had an amazing time at The Evergreen Lodge. The place and the staff exceeded our expectations. This was our first Yosemite trip and will not be our last. My kids ( 11 & 14) loved that they could roam around Evergreen Lodge for swimming, games, s’mores and just charge snacks to our room. Everyone was safe with distancing and masks so we were comfortable at such a time of uncertainty.
Upon arrival we scheduled the Sunset Tour and were connected with our guide, Ash. She was AMAZING! She was so friendly, knowledgeable and a pleasure to be around. She was so fun, we booked a second tour out to the High County. It was a long all day tour that was filled with so many interesting facts which gave the kids some good ole fun learning while on vacation. Ash was able to really customize the tour for what my family liked and knew when it was time to take on a hike or simply relax. I can not recommend her enough.
The Evergreen was not far from the Yosemite entrance so that was nice and allowed us to enter the park each day. We also took a trip over to Rush Creek for dinner. It was nice to have a place that is close to just hop over to for a change in scene and menu. Both locations are beautiful and very different. As I talked to the staff through the week at Evergreen and Rush Creek, I realized they have a real passion for where they work and of the outdoors. It was so refreshing to get away from the city life and ignite a love for the outdoors. This was a family vacation we will not forget and will come back to. As we started our 3 hour drive home, we started to discuss our plans to return to The Evergreen Lodge. We can’t wait until we see you again Evergreen Lodge. :)”

EL: Well, the photo is such a great family moment, we really appreciate you sharing with everyone.  Your description of how you enjoyed all things Evergreen AND Rush Creek as well is better than we could have ever written ourselves!  Calling out Ash means even more, especially when it turns out the kids had fun while learning good stuff.  We thank you immensely for taking the time to share your experience, and we can’t wait to welcome you all back!

Shena S. - Fall 2020 Photo Contest

Fall Photo Contest: Favorite Yosemite memories

Our Fall Photo Contest is live now!  Although our contests are usually only open to our recent guests, while we wait for the Park to reopen soon we thought it would be fun to invite everyone to participate by sharing their favorite Yosemite memories from past visits.

Who knows? You might just win a free stay at the Evergreen soon!

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