Yosemite Winter Magic 2024 Photo Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Winter photo contest, Yosemite Winter Magic.

We’re feeling extra thankful for all who shared and casted their votes. Your participation not only makes it fun for us, but keeps everyone #YosemiteDreaming when they need it most.

Here we congratulate the winners and share a few honorable mentions that we loved.

Winners With the Most Votes

1st Place: Dan T.

461 Points

Hiking Yosemite
Prize: 2-night stay    

DT: “There’s nothing like exploring the waterfalls and granite walls of Yosemite. Every visit is a treat! Just like the nightly s’mores at Evergreen Lodge!”

EL: Thank you for sharing this epic image, and we can’t wait to welcome you back for more Yosemite adventures!

1st - Happy Hiker (Dan T. 1-5-24)

2nd Place: Jennifer D.

160 Points

Woodland Friends
Prize: 1-night stay    

JD: “My second stay at Evergreen Lodge and I got so see this beautiful doe on the property munching on some mushrooms 🍄 I absolutely LOVE it here, the views are insanely beautiful and the staff is amazing plus the cabins are super cozy 😍

EL: Doe-n’t know what we’d do without this fun addition to our photo contest! How lucky of you to see our little woodland friend.

2nd - Evergreen Deer (Jennifer D. 1-5-24)

3rd Place: Maritsa H.

139 Points

Sunny Day at Hetch Hetchy
Prize: 1-night stay    

MH: “While on vacation during the Christmas holidays we took a day trip to Hetch Hetchy and hiked Wapama Falls trail. Along the way I stopped to catch my breath and take a picture of this breathtaking view ✨️ It was truly one of the best days of 2023 💖”

EL: Hetch Hetchy is wonderfully known for being a warm oasis even in our winter months!

3rd - Hetch Hetchy (Maritsa H. 1-27-24)

Some Honorable Mentions You’ll Love

James S.

JS: “Sunny skies on the valley after a winter storm makes for great igloo building!”

EL: How can we book a night’s stay in this accommodation, because that view is fantastic!

Yosemite Valley Igloo (James S. 1-5-24)

Troy E.

TE: “It’s just a great place to be with family and friends. The natural environment is beautiful and the folks who work there are so helpful. We really appreciate the focus on kid activities and continue to be impressed by the mission of the organization.”

EL: You found our VIP Christmas guest!


Adam M.

AM: “We had such a great time that we skipped a 2nd day at Yosemite and just enjoyed Evergreen Lodge. After a hearty breakfast at the lodge, some time in the game room, enjoying the pool & hot tub, and playing Scrabble in the courtyard…it was time to head home. This was our last moment as we were leaving – both kids with huge smiles from their time well spent at Evergreen Lodge!”

EL: There’s miles of smiles after hearing how much you all enjoyed your time at the ‘green.

Happy Teens at Evergreen (Adam M. 2-22-24)

Sherrie G.

SG: “Our kids love the beautiful playgrounds throughout the property. Thank you Evergreen Lodge for being a part of cultivating our children’s love for the outdoors!”

EL: This looks like a swingin’ good time!

Zipline Fun (Sherrie G. 12-26-23)

Gary S.

GS: “Evergreen was the perfect base camp for our family to explore Yosemite.”

EL: Thank you for letting us be your family’s basecamp for your Yosemite adventures!

Child Posing with El Capitan (Gary S. 3-23-24)
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